Today, on the tippy-top of Bullshit Mountain, you will find Jillian Michaels’ Facebook post

Ready to climb Bullshit Mountain with me? Let’s go!

headless fatty on a bike


So. Fitness-celeb Jillian Michaels assumes that women of size feel shame when working out at the gym, in public, amongst the Thins. I call that condescending presumption dressed up to look like encouragement, inspiration, and tough-love truth. It’s a fitness neg, like when some rando approaches you at a party and says, “You’re really pretty…have you ever thought of growing your hair out?”

SCAM! Don’t fuck that guy, and don’t internalize this headless-fatty meme either. See how the woman in the photo is cut off at the neck? She’s being depersonalized because her body is somehow so shameful they had to omit her face, yet told not to be ashamed for trying. Like, don’t be ashamed to go to the gym, Fatty McFatterson, even though your body is so objectionable we mercifully protected your identity!

Super neg! The triple twisting Yurchenko vault of emotional/marketing manipulation!

I don’t hate Jillian Michaels. I have all the damn DVD’s, and one or two are engaging enough (if you fast-forward past all the “Be your best you! Everybody else is taken!” pep talk at the end).

It’s hard to be your best you when someone “cheers you on” by judging your start as a weak one before you’re hardly on the goddamn bike, or trail, or weight rack – because you don’t look like they think you’re supposed to.

It hurts when someone posts an image online to inspire you…to NOT look like the woman in the image; the woman you actually do look like today, at this very moment, except that you have a face.

It sucks to feel good about yourself for a while, then feel bad again when someone reminds you how very deficient and lacking you are.

This is the mental soundtrack for the binge, the purge, the cravings, the vomiting, the laxatives, the endless hours on some Sisyphus machine, “paying” for the binge you had when you felt like shit about yourself, or the meal you enjoyed when you felt good. The fitspo industry party line officially disowns all of the above, of course, but let me direct you to that cute little sign in every head shop: For tobacco products only.

I like your boxing workout, Jillian. But I thought your post was super-ugly. Ugly on the inside. Right where it counts.



2 thoughts on “Today, on the tippy-top of Bullshit Mountain, you will find Jillian Michaels’ Facebook post

  1. If weighing too much is a sin against society please tell me where aging fits? Theoretically a person has some control over their weight but even though the infomercials tell us we can fight the good fight against it, aging is inevitable. And apparently unforgivable. The more you do it (age) the more invisible and irrelevant you become. It is as if those in the throes of youth have no clue that every day they are heading down the same road. Perhaps they think a cure will be found before it is too late for them. I guess the message is a person has to be young and thin to have value.

  2. All women, as we age, head inexorably down Invisibility Road. Invisible people can get a lot done, under the radar, you know?

    Youth and youthful beauty are fun, but so is a new car. Better to invest in acres of real estate – your own mind, heart, profession, earning power, and carefully-chosen relationships. That’s what I’d tell my 22-year-old self.

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