Sunday reblog: notthatstupid

“Most of the time our disdain for porn and prostitution is spun to sound like we don’t support women who take part in these activities, or we are “slut-shaming” them. I fucking hate that term and that brings me to my next point, which is that we don’t participate in “reclaiming” words that are sexist or patriarchal such as slut, bitch, whore, cunt etc. Those words were created to shame us on the basis of our sex and are therefore words that in my opinion, and the opinion of most radical feminists are not salvageable. This is part of an overarching difference in our ideologies, that is that we don’t believe that activities, words, etc that are patriarchal or sexist in nature can be reclaimed or made to be empowering as long as patriarchy exists. Just because you feel ~empowered~ or whatever when you proudly refer to yourself as a bitch or when you work as a cam girl to make extra money doesn’t mean you (or any other women) actually are empowered by these things. Your feelings about something don’t change the effects they have on other women or on society.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday reblog: notthatstupid

  1. “Cunt” is a very old word and the origins are unclear. It apparently has always basically meant “vulva.” It was not considered pejorative until just several centuries ago.

    “Vagina,” on the other hand, means “sheath,” such as something one sticks a knife into.

    I’ve long thought it odd that people so readily accept that “vulva” is pejorative, while “thing people sticks knives into” is considered acceptable.

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