Started ruminating on the idea of “privilege” as a form of narcissistic guilt/all-purpose silencer when this article came out: and today I found this. An important read.

Women of the Patriarchy

If you have been around the feminist sphere long enough to know what “cisgender” means, you’ve probably been around long enough to hear the phrase “cis privilege.”

There are many fantastic blog posts made by some brilliant women who unpack problems with the term cisgender and the concept of cis privilege. Throughout my writing in this blog, I’ll discuss and drool over some of them from time to time.

Right now, though, I want to take on some of this cis privilege checklist that I keep seeing pop up all over the place.

Cis privilege is the claim that people are privileged on the basis of having an internal gender identity that matches their external sex. It presupposes that all people have an internal gender identity and it also asserts that women can be privileged on the basis of gender.


Fucking no.

The rest of this post analyzes the…

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