sunday free verse

I think everybody gets one miracle. One miracle per life, so

I might have survived an avalanche; ski-kicking up up up towards the light

or 5 years in a DP camp

or been raised by wolves and featured on PBS.

I might have fallen out of a plane, strapped to a seat; walked 10 days out of an Amazonian rainforest with strange insects hatching eggs under my skin; their larvae tunneling out

or maybe

gone without food for two months. A hunger strike; a shipwreck.

I might have been trapped under an I-beam, cut my wrist open with a shard of metal

and drunk my own blood until the rescue.

I might have been kept in a basement for a year

Caught a pigeon in the rafters

Tied a note to its foot.

But my miracle was knowing you

all that time

it was you

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