The best educational diagnosis of all time

I was looking at some ESL (English as a Second Language) paperwork today and discovered it. Ready?

“Weak oral.”

Which, I guess, means “not so good at spoken English” but do you think I care? No, I do not. I’ve started a Weak Oral Awareness Foundation 301(c) in my head for all the sisters failing to reach state-mandated standards in re: this essential lesbian skill.

“Won’t YOU give…to stop weak oral?”

“Because weak oral…is preventable.”

“Because weak oral…can happen to anyone.”

“Dedicating to fighting…weak oral. Because it’s never too late.”

I’ll head up the foundation. All I need is funding and a logo.

6 thoughts on “The best educational diagnosis of all time

  1. I don’t even have words for how funny I found this post. I suppose that makes me tongue tied – though I like to think my oral is *anything BUT weak.

    *shameless self-promotion 🙂

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