Je souhaite que je parle français

If I’d paid more attention in high school French, I might be able to understand this blog. Am thrilled that a French radfem has linked to me, but I don’t know a word of the language so I ran it through Google Translator. Thereby, the blog’s title becomes I Rotten Patriarchate. So awesome.

Here’s what is probably elegant, scholarly French:

Considère que les victimes de la pornographie /prostitution ne sont pas les femmes qui sont violées / torturées (pour les besoins du film, ou par le client prostitueur ou conjoint qui exige des femmes de faire les mêmes choses qu’il a vu dans le dernier film porno) mais les hommes, devenus accro à la pornographie. Ce terme révèle que ce sont des hommes qui pestent car ils se rendent compte avec horreur que les industries pornographiques ne se soucient pas du tout du bien-être des précieux petits flocons de neige que sont les hommes; ils s’en foutent, tout ce qui les intéresse c’est l’argent. Homme se sent blessé dans son ego. Bouhou.

Here’s what Google Translator does to it:

Recognizes that victims of pornography/prostitution are women who are raped/tortured (for the purposes of the film, or the spouse or prostituting clients requiring women to do the same things he saw in the last porn film) but men become addicted to pornography. Men are ranting because they realize with horror that the porn industry do not care at all well-being of the precious little snowflakes that are men; all they are interested in is money. Man feels wounded in his ego. Bouhou.

I love that “Bouhou” needs no translation.

What a miracle the Internet is, eh? We can support each other; listen to each other; share ideas; be in each other’s lives — even though most of us can’t afford to travel. How else would I meet a French feminist, or feminists in Krten, Germany; Cheshire, England; Sydney, Australia; Arhus, Denmark; even Overland, Kansas or Washington, D.C.?I wouldn’t. I’d think I was alone. It’s a relief to know I’m not.

Also, here is a hairless cat, just chillin’:

14 thoughts on “Je souhaite que je parle français

  1. “Man feels wounded in his ego. Bouhou.” = Pure flippin’ genius (not just because my ex-husband is currently dragging my credit/name through the mud, but b/c men [in general] are big friggin’ cry babies, it seems…). Well put, “frenchie” – whoever you are. Thanks for sharing, Phonaesthetica! ❤

  2. Any time 🙂 I’m always very glad to see you. Sorry your ex-husband is wounded in his ego and taking it out on you, though. Remember: it WILL pass, and then no more bouhou.

  3. Well it’s been 48 hrs… Do you have a mock-up for the design? We gotta get these babies made and marketed! 🙂 sell ’em on a RadFem site and donate the money to HRC or something… 🙂

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