Obligatory Thanksgiving post

I’m thankful for you, my radfem community, and also a few other things:

1. My vagina incense burner. I got this at MichFest; the artist modeled it on her own genitalia, and I  mean really modeled it — she encased herself in clay and let it dry. The best $10 I ever spent. You put the incense in the urethra.


2. Books, and a free country to read them in.


3. Cats and the used-tampon knit toys you can buy for them on Etsy.


4. Storm Lake, Iowa.


5. San Francisco, and being lucky enough to have friends there.


6. My strong calves.


7. The literary passion of high school seniors.


8. Cacti that looks like an inquisitive little face.


9. My stepmother, in all her incarnations.


10. Not ending up with the woman who left this on my doorstep. Note the pointed literary selection, softened a bit by the addition of organic granola and spare pair of athletic socks.


11. Imperfections.


12. This apology card I found in a Chicago bookstore.


13. Lesbians who aren’t afraid to be out in high school.


14. My refrigerator (blurry, but you get the idea).


15. iPhoto.

8 thoughts on “Obligatory Thanksgiving post

  1. While the 3 of us were cleaning the garage we decided it would be fitting if we were thankful for a clean garage. 🙂

    As a bonus, we managed to *shame* Neighbor Bob (who can’t even see us from his place but who could hear us firing up the snow-blower) into his Uni-Dik jumpsuit and onto his backhoe.

  2. I’m thankful for the traditional dyke words at holiday time…. “Obligatory…” is the perfect match of grudging lesbian style and holiday cheer… prickly cacti thrown in for good measure… You know what, I’m thankful for you!!! 🙂

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