5 thoughts on “A spoke in the HUB!

  1. I commented on this post over at the HUB, but I must say, it was brilliant. I’ve been testing this out in the world…. “Feminism has nothing to do with men, nor do we want men in our movement.” I’ve said this a few times to “liberal” pretending men, and SHOCK, it stopped them dead in their tracks. “No lesbians don’t need to be working with gay men, we have our own revolution.” The power in the complete rejection of any false expectation that these guys EVER change is liberating beyond belief.

    Even I once thought they might change, but now I know this is a complete waste of time, that these books are just insulting to women. Something has shifted, more and more women are catching on to the fake liberalism of so-called “feminist” men.

    We’ve got work to do, a revolution to engage in, and the more we focus our attention on women, they more power we gain for ourselves.. The battery drain “trying to teach men” is coming to an end…. a flashlight is in full beam!!

    Great post, amazing work!!!

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