10 thoughts on ““Trips to Ikea will be the new oral sex.”

  1. Puke. You can tell it was done by dudes. It reminds me of the computer generated one about twanzwomen, same electronic voices.

  2. I’m not sure how this “conversation” would sound any different from someone writing up a fake “hilarious” conversation between a man and woman in a heterosexual relationship. Other than the cat and vegan jokes. Because, as we all know, all lesbians LOVE cats and are totally vegan and anyone who isn’t a lesbian doesn’t. -_-

  3. I actually thought this cartoon was hysterical, and I’ve know hundreds of lesbian couples just like this. And I’m looking back over 30 years, at lesbians from four or five different countries. I don’t think men could have written this dialogue, and would be curious to know if lesbians wrote it. It was so spot on to me… but again, it may be more of a recap of lesbian cultures from the 70s and 80s.

    And the way it ended I thought was funny too!

  4. Why was it so funny? I think part of it had to do with the fact that it seemed like insider humor to me. It was about the absurdity of lesbian relationships. It’s actually rare to find anything in cartoon form about lesbians, but YouTube might be making up for lost time.

    And the merging is a big issue with lesbians, and may be one reason we are not so much farther ahead as a community as a result.

  5. My main issue with it is less with the content than the presentation. By having dialogue-as-exposition it makes lesbians sound like detached automatons (aside from the fact that it’s literally computer-generated) instead of people making genuine attempts at love. Which feeds into the broader patriarchal message that lesbian love isn’t romantic or steeped in genuine messy feelings the way super duper romantic hetero love is.

    The tools part really grates. Women can’t use tools TO DO STUFF. They use them to “feel in control”.

    I cracked a few smiles. But I didn’t feel particularly great about them afterward. It’s a case of “even positive/neutral stereotypes are limiting” at best, for me.

  6. I saw the U-haul rap and wondered why it was so 90’s. A sinister interpretation: Are lesbians, themselves, supposed to be 90s? Are we a charming relic of another era, now that genderqueer/trans are de rigeur?

  7. I think so! “Lesbian” itself is an “outmoded” word these days. We’re supposed to be pan/omni sexual or something now. Bleah.

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