I’m deteriorating faster than I can lower my standards

Teaching is hard. Some days the only reason I don’t knock over a Brinks truck instead is, I can’t urinate in front of another person and I’m not femme enough to be some prison dyke’s “wife.”

Thanks for the links — amazing, what a vid of a hairless cat stalking a chicken does for my soul.

23 thoughts on “I’m deteriorating faster than I can lower my standards

  1. oh dear. it’s too late here for me to come up with funny, and i don’t know how to add a video here–but here’s a link anyway, that you might find amusing and it’s kind of in the spirit of the one Honji just sent….

    love from the wild west…

  2. Well I found this rather dumb cleverness “My favorite fern is my best frond.”

    And yes, good times should be rolling in soon along with a few pumpkins….

  3. Feeling better this morning?

    If not and you’re still being snotty in bed, I suggest watching some USTREAM videos of cool critters. They have dolphin cams, kitty cams, baby hummingbird cams any and all kinds of animals cam cams.

    Over the winter, I was addicted to The Decorah Eagle cam. Watched them being born, being fed, jousting with one another until one day they left the nest with all the skills needed for adulthood.

    A high recommendation for your students as well, animals can be quite calming.

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