Andrea Dworkin would have turned 65 today

Think of all the true and fearless things she wrote  in the midst of obscurity and poverty. Think of how she got nothing but abuse and contempt from misogynists and liberals alike, but never diluted her words in order to widen her audience.

That’s one reason her books are so hard to find: They contain too much truth about being a woman in this world.

The other reason: They contain too much hope about being a woman in this world. They describe other ways our lives could be. That’s threatening to men who want to keep our lives as they are.

If you haven’t seen her online library, here’s a link:

3 thoughts on “Andrea Dworkin would have turned 65 today

  1. When Sea and I take roadtrips, she reads Dworkin to me in the car.

    Was really focused on what she she had to say about Right Wing Women. Sea assured me Andrea could answer all my quizzical observations about them.

    What is utterly fascinating about her writings? E v e r y single letter, word, sentence has a WOW impact on its reader. She wastes absolutely nothing! There is more matter in a single page than most can relay in chapters and in some cases entire books.

    Andrea Dworkin is like excellent French cuisine, very rich and you savor each morsel.

  2. I am saddened that she passed before I even knew what feminism is, let alone radical feminism. She passed during the worst time in my life, when reading her powerful words would have been spectacular. But that is the thing – it is still spectacular. She wrote truth, a woman’s truth. I am grateful that she lived and dared to have a voice. I might have killed myself ages ago if not for her words of hope, courage, and defiance.

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