Hail fellow, well met

School starts on the 15th, so it’s meeting season: Staff meetings; department meetings; curriculum meetings. I think we even had a meeting about meetings, but I stopped listening because my Intrinsically Morose Selective Attention Deficit Disorder (IMSADD) kicked in full force. I have eaten a lot of dry sandwiches, people. I have sent a lot of furtive text messages.

Today, some dudebro told me that “a lot of boys don’t respect female teachers.They come to me and say, ‘She doesn’t respect me!’ All they hear is another old lady yelling at them.”

He shrugged, like What can you do? That’s how boys are.

But then. He added: “It’s usually not a problem with stronger female teachers, though.”

That’s a full-service damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t menu, eh? There’s nothing women teachers can do about boys’ disrespect — it’s just nature! — and ALSO, if a female teacher isn’t respected, it’s her fault for not being “strong enough.”

My hackles were up at dudebro already for assigning Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” — the most morally bankrupt, narcissistic, badly written pieces of bilge ever penned by a 20th-century sociopath. I mean, even Mein Kampf had a funny line or two.


10 thoughts on “Hail fellow, well met

  1. If they come to him and tell him this, he should grab them and shake them until they agree to treat women teachers with respect, and tell them, by goddess, if they want to learn anything of any merit they will do everything their female teacher even implies they should do. And learn to love it.

    If he was a good teacher, that’s what he’d do. But he’s an asswipe of the patriarchy. So he’s just harrassing you with it. So, just kick him where it hurts and tell him if any boy disrespects you, you’ll kick the doodbro-in-training where it hurts, too.

    Ok, I know teachers can’t behave this way, but I just wanted to share my fantasy of what it would be nice to do with these doodbros and doodbros-in-training. 😉

  2. OMG. Someone higher up in the hierarchy doesn’t have to respect you. But I guess that’s the rule for the menz, the rule for the womenz is: “Always suck those dicks, bitches!” So young and already so filled with privilege… and the sad thing is: they’re male so they’ll act like this for the rest of their lives and no one but we man-hating feminazis will care.

  3. We were assigned to read The Fountainhead in our Advanced English class in our 11th school year.

    I’ll agree that Ayn Rand was basically a bootstrappin’ wackaloon, but Fountainhead (and Atlas Shrugged, too) offer plenty of insight character-wise that I find fascinating.

    Just goes to show ya that every crappy cloud does have a silver lining after all! 😛

  4. Character-wise, you’re right…
    Ayn Rand does appeal to the high school set (you have to be 16-22 years of age, or a sociopath, to fully appreciate her) so I’m glad they’re at least reading something besides text messages.

  5. @kurukurushoujo: yep. And I’ve experienced this with male students and male teachers at every school, so far. It makes me want to teach at an all-female boarding school somewhere in Vermont. I’m picturing lots of polished cherry wood and rippling lacrosse fields here.

  6. When dudebro teacher mentioned her name at the curriculum meeting, I felt physically gaggy. Ayn Rand’s sociopathic philosophy combined with our country’s current situation…it’s almost malpractice to make students read it.

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