Why Be a Teacher?

Lots of reasons! The joy of helping young minds grasp an intricate concept; the accomplishment of awakening nascent readers and writers; the sacred duty of tilling pedagogical soil so that incipient intellects might flower and grow.

Also, if you get a job at a school for young offenders — like my last gig — you find notes like this one on your classroom floor (spelling and punctuation as original):

Darrick, you’ve been locked up for awhile…and theres alot I feel like I got to tell you. First, I beat your sisters ass for talking shit about my sister. I did 3 home invasions with Wooda, Snoops, & my brother but shit just got outta controll & guns started going off & my brother shot Trey in the back of the head and he got the death penalty.

I’m also pregnant, but I don’t plan on keepin it. Me and you have been thrue alot but I just dont think we should be together anymore. Youve been gone 4 so long & I no your going to be away 4 longer…you should just move on…and maybe I should just do the same.

We can still be homies tho.

2 thoughts on “Why Be a Teacher?

  1. Hi! Not sure how it happened, but feel free to delete it.

    I did love this post, though. I didn’t say anything about it because that note left me without words.

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