I don’t “believe in” your eyebrows; yet you still have to pluck them

I never want to give numbskulls any attention — unless they’re in my classroom and I have federal and state funds to address said numb-skullery — but the “tags” feature on WordPress makes it impossible. Having a “feminist” tag does me almost more harm than good. People’s Exhibit A: This morning I ran headlong into the disingenuous ravings of a doodbro who “believes” that he shouldn’t have to “tax support” anything he doesn’t “believe in.” Like, say, abortion.

The scary thing is, doodbro has company. Individual Americans are increasingly missing the reality  that, as George Costanza would say, “We’re living in a SOCIETY here.” Not only do they feel entitled to their own opinions, they feel entitled to their own FACTS. Don’t “believe in” libraries; roads; hospitals? Hey, you’re an individual with individual choices to choose! Take a stand!

Here’s a partial list of things I don’t “believe in,” yet still pay for:

1. Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. Kid comes to school with mumps; measles; smallpox; yellow fever; some other near-eradicated 19th century disease and starts a mini-epidemic? Medical bills for me! And not just MY bills — I also get to help take care of everyone who relies on state health insurance.

2. “Crisis pregnancy centers.” (That’s a post of its own).

3. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

4. People having 5 or 6 or 7 children they can’t support.

5. Tax breaks for heterosexual married couples, when homosexual couples can’t have them.

6. School vouchers.

7. Copies of Michael Savage’s book in the public library.

8. That crazy bastard who sets up a big, ugly anti-choice display (with full-color posters) on the University lawn yells at female college students all day, twice a year. Maybe I don’t want to support the university with my tax dollars, since they’re the ones letting him do it.

9. Medicare for old people who vote against marriage equality.

10. Trash collection. They’re really loud, and they wake me up every Monday at 6 a.m. Maybe I don’t “believe in” collection; I want to take my trash to the dump myself, and everyone else can just deal.

11. The Congressional gym. Obviously, no one is using it.

6 thoughts on “I don’t “believe in” your eyebrows; yet you still have to pluck them

  1. 5.a. Tax breaks for married couples, when singles need them more, being made to subsidize nearly everyone else and their children.

  2. Exactly. As though it weren’t enough to burden the Earth with cheap plastic crap and trample on the human rights of the people in other countries
    who must create said plastic crap…

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