Back on My Meds: A Made-Up Mp3 Playlist

Disc 1
1. Wait, What?
2. BrainFog
3. Reuptake My Inhibitors, Baby
4. Rubber Eraser Clit
5. Harder
6. I Can Barely Feel That
7. Never Mind
8. Serotonin Stopped My Bonin’
9. Pocky! Chocolate Pocky! (Norwegian Death Metal Mix)
10. Puttin’ On My Eatin’ Pants
11. I Forget How To Get to Your House
12. Seriously, I’m Sorry, What?
13. Pocky Comes In Vanilla, Too (hidden acoustic track)
Disc 2
1. Not Gonna Refill It
2. Don’t Need A Fucking Crutch
3. I Got This New Book About Treating Depression With Diet
4. Why Can’t You Just Support Me?
5. NightSwetz
6. Well, the BEHAVIOR Might Be, But I’M Certainly Not
7. Like You’d Know! You Don’t Know!
8. Throat Punch
9. 45 Minutes to Orgasm
10. I Don’t Have That Kind of Time/Do You? (Ballad and Reprise)
11. I’m Only Crying Because I’m Mad
12. Cheez Snax and The Learning Channel
13. Still Not Gonna Refill It, Yo (extended dance club remix).

3 thoughts on “Back on My Meds: A Made-Up Mp3 Playlist

  1. Painfully hilarious. Thanks for making me smile a crooked, half-smile (trying not to laugh, but without success).

  2. Oh, it looked so silly at first, but this is actually one of the most powerful pieces of poetry I’ve come across. Thank you. It’s a lot like what I’m going through right now (with the exception of a partner), and it’s good to know that I’m not alone. Lists of withdrawal symptoms are less than helpful. They make me feel like an interesting medical problem, and suddenly I feel like part of a community.

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